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The Wide Awake Club

Elaina Cutting joined the Bladder and Bowel Community Support Facebook group after experiencing bowel issues and hoping to find others who understood what she was going through. After a particularly bad night, she reached out to see if…

Abbie’s Intermittent Catheter Story

Abbie Stapleton, 25 from St Neots tells Bladder and Bowel Community how endometriosis and Fowler's Syndrome led to extreme bladder pain and bladder retention, resulting in her intermittent catheters.

Ask a Catheter Nurse – Your IC Questions Answered

At Bladder and Bowel Community Home Delivery service, as well as delivering your catheter needs directly to your door, we also have trained catheter nurses who are able to help guide you through what can be a tricky and overwhelming time.…

Natalie’s Bowel Cancer Story

Natalie, 39 from London was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer at the age of 36. The cancer had grown extensively and even after intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, she ended up undergoing Pelvic Exenteration surgery, which…

Sacral Agenesis – Estelle’s Story

In this video for Catheter Week, Estelle Stevens, 37 from Devon talks to the Bladder and Bowel Community about growing up experiencing bladder incontinence due to her disability Sacral Agenesis, the importance of normalising conversations…

Blood in your Urine? Don’t Ignore it

We're highlighting the importance of early detection by knowing the symptoms of bladder cancer. David tells us how his urostomy stoma saved his life - and how noticing blood in his urine was the key.

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) defined as a sudden unintentional loss of urine during normal day-to-day activities, also commonly referred to as weak bladder or bladder weakness.

What Is A Stoma?

A stoma is an opening on the abdomen that can be connected to either your digestive or urinary system to allow waste (urine or faeces) to be diverted out of your body. It looks like a small, pinkish, circular piece of flesh that is sewn to…

Why ERIC, The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity exists

Having a child with a bladder or bowel issue can be scary and frustrating for both the child and parents/guardians, especially when it can take multiple trips to a GP and/or a lengthy amount of time to get a formal diagnosis. It can be

Veganuary – Our Favourite Vegan Recipes

随着新一年被封锁的开始,我们中的许多人都开始把做饭作为一种在家时的高效方式。Choosing to eat vegan is growing in popularity and many use January to follow a plant based

Continence FAQs

If you are experiencing continence issues, or someone you know is, these frequently asked questions may help you in understanding what help is available.

How Does A Catheter Work?

导尿管将尿液从膀胱排入可支撑在大腿或小腿水平的引流袋。根据厂家说明,腿部引流袋需要每5 - 7天更换一次。A Belly Bag or a catheter valve…

Catheter Problems

Dealing With Urinary Catheter Problems Occasionally people may experience problems with their urinary catheters or accessories and the advice below should help. In all cases remember that good fluid intake is essential and often…


A urinary catheter is a soft hollow tube, which is passed into the bladder to drain urine. Catheters are sometimes necessary for people, who for a variety of reasons, cannot empty their bladder in the usual way.

Hannah’s Story – Interstitial Cystitis

这是汉娜,她将作为一个定期的客座博主为膀胱和肠道社区撰稿。Hannah has a painful bladder condition called Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and will be telling her story over a series of posts as

Diabetes Week

本周是糖尿病周,英国糖尿病协会正在努力提高人们对这种疾病的认识,并打破与这种疾病有关的一些神话和污名。 Diabetes is a condition where your blood sugar levels rise

Mental Health Awareness Week

Having toilet issues can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety If we have a physical illness most of us wouldn’t think twice about contacting a doctor to remedy this, however those who are suffering emotionally or mentally are

Share Your Story – Tara’s Story

Tara has agreed to share her story with the Bladder and Bowel Community. Tara has a combination of rare conditions, which have led to her experiencing painful bladder symptoms. In April 2012, Tara woke up one morning with excruciating

Bladder & Bowel Community Support Group

We are proud to provide an essential support service in the form of the Bladder & Bowel Community Support Group on Facebook, allowing members to discuss issues, ask questions, and connect with others in a similar situation. Find out…

Mark – Living With Overactive Bladder

Mark has bravely agreed to share his story of living with an overactive bladder. Mark is 40, a Project Manager and lives with his wife and two children in the Midlands. Mark has lived with embarrassing bladder symptoms for several years…

Menopause And The Bladder

Yesterday marked World Menopause Day and an opportunity to discuss a change in life that affects every single woman at some point. Menopause appears to be one of those taboo subjects where women will just ‘put up’ with menopausal symptoms.…

World Mental Health Day

On World Mental Health Day, Bladder and Bowel Community Manager, Gemma Savory talks about how bowel cancer led to depression and anxiety.

Niki Wells – Living with Interstitial Cystitis

妮基·威尔斯今年33岁,和她的伴侣丹妮、她的儿子、两个继子以及他们的惠比特灰狗梅格住在伦敦。On the outside Niki appears to live a normal life but underneath she suffers from a debilitating…

Happy 70th Birthday NHS

Today the NHS turns 70 years old and Bladder and Bowel's Community Marketing Manager, Gemma Savory writes about how much the NHS means to her.

Time 2 Talk Ostomy Support Group

造口术支持小组是为那些想要与造口术患者或膀胱/肠道疾病患者见面,或寻求如何在你的情况下过最好生活的建议的人成立的一个新组织。Experts from all areas including nutrition,…

Catheters And Me: A True Story From 21 Year Old Gemma

By Gemma Harenburg: So the story really begins since I came home. The background you ask? Well, let me explain. Although first of all, I would like to let you know that I want this article to be positively working towards reducing…

Taking Control Of Stress Urinary Incontinence


Coping With Incontinence Following A Stroke

This month is Make May Purple for Stroke Awareness and we will be highlighting this devastating illness that affects over 1.2 million people and is the leading cause of disability in the UK.

MS Awareness Week

本周是多发性硬化症宣传周(4月23日- 29日),多发性硬化症影响着英国成千上万的人。MS commonly affects the bladder and bowel but not many people talk about this aspect so we want to highlight how MS affects the…

Penile Sheaths

Penile Sheath Sheaths are a popular and effective alternative to absorbent pads for many men. They fit over the penis like a condom and are attached by a tube to a drainage bag and can be used during the day and during the night. Penile…

The Importance Of Hydration


How to Empty your Bladder Completely

Urinary bladder function is an important to your health. Find out how to empty your bladder completely and how this affects your bowel, with 8 methods to help you fully empty your bladder.

How To Travel Happily With Bladder & Bowel Conditions

Travelling with bladder and bowel conditions can be a stressful process, and many will simply neglect the opportunity to venture across the world in fear that they won’t have fast access to a toilet. However, this doesn’t mean that you…

Understanding Urinary Incontinence in Adults

Urinary incontinence can be painful, embarrassing, and even debilitating. Whether it is yourself, a member of your family, or even a close friend, this is an issue many will have to deal with.

Helping You Deal With Incontinence

There are around 6 million people in the UK alone who suffer from some type of bladder or bowel problem and so if you are experiencing incontinence in any shape or form, then you are not alone, and help is always available. Incontinence…

NHS Trusts Bladder And Bowel Events February 2018

On 28th February 2018, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust will be running a Bladder And Bowel Event which is open to members of the public and patients who may be experiencing bladder or bowel issues. Some further dates for the diary…


After Christmas indulgences many of us resolve to improve our health and fitness in the new year. One of the ways that we can make a difference health wise is to reduce our alcohol consumption.

Indwelling Catheters

The indwelling catheter is retained in the bladder by a balloon which can be inflated and deflated. Short-term (less than 30 days) or long-term (more than 30 days) drainage can be maintained but the end of the catheter should either be…

Female Incontinence Products

市场上有很多产品可以帮助你在膀胱或肠道失禁时感到更舒适和更自信。There are some devices that are designed to either place pressure on the urethra or…

Male Incontinence Products

There are many incontinence aids and products on the market that can help you feel more comfortable and more confident when suffering from either bladder or bowel incontinence. When considering male incontinence products, there are many…

Bedding And Chair Covers

Bedding and chair covers are absorbent pads that can be used on your furniture, bed or car seat to protect fabrics for becoming damp, stained or from odours. You can get washable protectors and disposable protectors and both are made from…

Bladder Incontinence Products

In this section you will find helpful information and advice on some of the products and appliances used to treat a range of bladder conditions including catheterisation and products to help with bladder incontinence. The Bladder and…