Meet Ostomy Underwear Designer Jasmine Stacey

At Bladder & Bowel we love to talk to the amazing people in our community who in their work life, or their free time, are doing something to help others. We recently caught up with Bournemouth based fashion designer, Jasmine Stacey, who creates luxury underwear designed with ostomies in mind. We spoke to her about how she got involved in the industry and her plans for the future.

Q: You suffer from Crohn’s disease and wear an ileostomy bag. How did this experience influence your lingerie designs and understanding of issues?

Jasmine Stacey:我和其他做过手术的女孩一样。我很害怕,在这种情况下感到孤独,认为可能没有人会爱我。手术不仅给我留下了身体上的创伤,也给我留下了情感上的创伤,极大地影响了我对身体的自信。因为我亲身经历了重拾自信所面临的问题,所以我能够利用这些来为创造创新设计提供能量,帮助女性成为她们想成为的人。我的核心动机是创造具有强大意象的女性服装,将不变的、永恒的美丽和不变的女性浓缩在一起。

Q: Do you have anyone who inspires you?

JS:All the women that I talk to who I’ve met through my work and charity are the inspiration to me more than anything. Each individual story is amazing and unique, each have come to terms with their situation and some are still battling problems every day.

Q: We all have wish list of projects we just can’t seem to find the time for, are there any concepts or ideas you have yet to explore with the line that you would like to in the future?

JS:I would love to see my designs in big retail stores accessible by all women. To do a range for M&S would be incredible! The ability to bring my designs to everybody. I’d also love to be able to branch into swimwear and male products.


JS:The biggest reward is when you get the amazing feedback from customers! It is so amazing hearing that I have helped someone’s confidence.

Q: And what about frustrations during the process?


Q: What is your favourite piece you’ve designed so far?

JS:For me, it is theblack widow. That has to be my favourite – it’s so sexy and daring!

Jasmine Stacey Underwear Colleciton

Black Widow Collection Modelled By Lydia Andrew

Q: What’s the most popular item in your collection?

JS:The most popular have been theRavine Body Suitand theIvory Classic Brief– I think this is due to the versatility of both of the products.

Q: Is it just women with ostomies who buy your underwear?

JS:Primarily we cater for the needs of the ostomy community but we’ve also had women who have pregnancy stretch marks or scars find that our underwear suits their needs. It really is something that can be worn by anyone though.

Q: If you weren’t designing, what would you be doing?

JS:Well, I still have my day job as a nurse. So I guess I’d be doing that full time & dreaming of lingerie I could be designing.

When is your next collection due out?




Jasmine Stacey and Lydia Andrew

Jasmine Stacey with model Lydia Andrew

You can find out more about Jasmine Stacey and her work atwww.jasminestaceycollection.coor watch her story as featured onBBC Three here.

All images used are courtesy of Jasmine Stacey and Dan K Photography