Crohn’s and Colitis Week

My Bag and I Ostomy Film

法尔茅斯大学(Falmouth University)的电影制片人迈克尔·德班(Michael Durban)和詹姆斯·拉什(James Rush)正在寻求资金,以便他们能够制作一部纪录片,以提高人们对隐形疾病的认识,并消除21世纪围绕着生命有气孔的神话。

Around 13,000 people undergo ostomy in the UK each year, yet there is still a stigma and a lack of understanding that surrounds these life-saving devices.

‘My Bag and I’ aims to change current perceptions by looking at the thriving personal and social lives of those who are now able to live life to the fullest because of having an ostomy bag fitted. This idea came around after film director, Michael was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and had to undergo ostomy surgery himself.

The film will feature ostomates from up and down the UK and follow them through some of their daily life, as well as tackle some of the issues and struggles faced by those with a stoma.

The team behind ‘My Bag and I’ are aiming to raise £1,200 in the next 30 days to cover the costs of travel, equipment and accommodation. If you would like to contribute to their CrowdFunder you can follow the link

You can follow the team’s progress, filming and production onFacebookandInstagram.