Desmopressin acetate is a hormone which has many effects on the body. It reduces urine production and is used to treat nocturnal enuresis.

Whilst taking Desmopressin acetate you may be advised to restrict your fluid intake, drink only when you are thirsty and as little as possible each time as consuming a lot of fluid may lead to an imbalance of fluid in the body and cause a problem.

Your prescriber or a member of your medical team will be able to give you more information and advice if you need to restrict your fluid intake.


Everyone’s reaction to a medicine is different. You may experience some of the side effects listed below or none at all. If you are having problems with this medicine, it’s important to tell your GP immediately.
Below is a list of possible side effects that you may experience. The frequency of these side-effects is unknown.

  • allergic reactions
  • blocked nose
  • emotional changes in children including aggressive behaviour
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • nose bleed
  • rhinitis
  • stomach pain
  • water retention and metabolic problems – these problems may cause vomiting, weight gain, abnormal laboratory tests or convulsions

If you feel unwell or if you have concerns about a side-effect, you will need to seek advice. If you feel very ill, get medical help straight away. Contact your prescriber, pharmacist, nurse or call NHS non-emergency number on 111 (You should use the NHS 111 service if you urgently need medical help or advice but it’s not a life-threatening situation)